Lilithium V2.0 special features!

Lilithium V2.0

Lilithium prototype is original designed and hand sculpted by Lean.
"She has the improved ADA line body, that's why I called her V2.0, because I improved the body through the years. Lilithium is the first head for that line that I sculpted. She is a slim Mini BJD.
She is about 15 inches (38 cm) tall, with 16 joints, double-jointed knees and elbows.

"My brand name comes from a fairy tale, so I wanted my first doll to look like she was emerge from a fairy tale. I wanted Lilithium to be a sexy, mysterious, more like a fairy doll. I wanted to sculpt a neutral but atractive expression, so any artist could change her, to custom her like a full new character."

I'm so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to offer Lilithium with the finest Raouken silk handmade Corset, the beautiful tiara and Fairy wings created by Folk and Fantasy, and a special custom wig "Mermaid fantasy".

Coming soon to vasilisasdolls.net