Leanan, Nocturnal Court Faery

 OOAK poseable Art Doll


 “She is “the fairy mistress” or the “fairy sweetheart”. She is a the famous Celtic muse with such a dark and unearthly beauty that her lover was often distraught with longing and suffering for her absence. On the Isle of Man, the Leanan Sidhe is a vampiric female spirit, while the Irish Leanan Sidhe is known as the inspiration of poets and minstrels. She would roam the night, searching for romantic men to inspire with eloquence of word and beautiful music, although those who are inspired by her usually live a glorious, but short life…”

Hello! There's been a long time since I write the last time! But now I'm back and I would like to introduce you my new Creation:  Leanan is a One of a kind original ART DOLL, and she is fully poseable!

I (Leandra, from Vasilisa's Dolls) designed and sculpted her, Inspiring on the Night or Nocturnal Court Faery legends.

She was hand sculpted to the bust, arms to the elbow and legs to the knee in polymer clay; hand painted with pastels and acrylics. Covered with a varnish protection.

She has a soft poseable body, made by a wire armature, the armature is wrapped and stuffed with batting and a fabric body sewn on it.

Her outfit and shoes are entirely handmade by me too. I did the hair styling with white matte viscose hair with a single strand of light blue hair.

Her head and body are very poseable. You can bend the limbs at the elbows and knees, and even sit her! She can stand on her feet too without a doll stand.

Her wings and tiara are handmade with aluminium wires and adorned with swarovski crystals. Her shoes has a red swarovski crystal as the heels.

Available @Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/232266440/ooak-poseable-art-doll-leanan-nocturnal 

More pics @Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/leablackvelvet/sets/72157651955581758

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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