Bichines BJD!

Bichines Preorder is Now OPEN!

Bichines BJD by Vasilisa's Dolls

Preorder OPEN!

Preorder runs from Saturday December 5 to Monday December 28, 2015

“Bichines” BJD are my new line of little animals in resin, with the same body called “Bichín” line, and several heads.
The first ones are “Jum Jum & Pom Pom”, the fennec fox and the rabbit.
They are YOSD (Tiny doll) BJD (Ball Jointed Doll). The Fennec Fox are about 8,27 inches (21 cm) tall, and the rabbits are about 9,8 inches (25 cm) tall with the rabbit ears.

They have special features:
 cute hands that bend in wrists like our pets!
 The Kitsune has “glow in the dark” eyes and the Optional white foxtail.
 squishy PAW PADS!

Jum Jum Kitsune, Limited BJD:

Pom Pom Calavera, Limited BJD:

Pom Pom Lady Bunny:

Jum Jum the Red fox:

You can find all the information, details and photos on the website vasilisasdolls.net

Lots of Love!

Vasilisa's Dolls

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