Bichines BJD WIP!

Hello my dear friends!

I would like to share the work in progress of my tiny dolls: "Bichines" BJD! (means something funny in spanish for small animals)  :)

“Bichines” BJD are going to be my new line of little animals, with the same body called Bichín line, and several heads. The first ones are “Jum Jum & Pom Pom”, the fennec fox and the rabbit. And very soon there going to be a deer and a cat :3

I took all the photos with my mobile, to publish them at Instagram, so I'm so sorry but the quality is not very good.

Here's some pic from the beginnings, planning the shape and joints, in 2013...

All the pieces in sketches, as I call this state of giving volume:

All the parts defined, the next is to make the balls for the joints ^_^

Leg stands up alone!  :P

The Rabbit "Pom Pom" head!

Testing the mechanical movements, and the other two heads in process...

More movement mechanics test: sitting! :D

I hope you like them!

Thanks for reading!  :)

Lots of Love!


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